The Sit Spot is a birding term for the place you go and sit and watch birds. You might visit it every day or once a week, or perhaps you can only go there once a month. The idea is you come with your senses open and let the world unfold around. Hear it, see it, smell it. As a writer of non fiction my Sit Spot is my journal where I record what I’ve seen and done, what I’ve read and listened to, what is happening on the farm and out in the bush. I hope this newsletter can be a virtual Sit Spot for you. A chance to step out of your everyday and sit for a moment in my every day. So if that sounds like something you would enjoy please subscribe and receive a small missive from me every Tuesday morning. I will be telling you about birds, sheep, dogs, horses and all the significant and insignificant goings on our farm on Tasmania’s beautiful east coast. I will also be sharing about my writing process and news of my latest upcoming publications.

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